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Our Fish Wagon Fleet

Our specially outfitted fleet of fish wagons comprises two large trucks and four smaller vehicles, which helps out a lot with fuel efficiency. The trucks have onboard refrigeration systems to ensure that all our fish and seafood stays as fresh and delicious. Plus, virtually everything is packed in ice, which serves as an insulator as well as a coolant. 

Our entire operation, including our delivery vehicles, is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certified, which guarantees food safety at every step of the handling process. 

The delivery radius of our trusty trucks commonly extends beyond Berkshire County into the Hudson region of New York State (such as Germantown), as well as northern and western Connecticut (Kent, Cornwall, and many other towns) and East as far as Worcester, MA. Call us today if you’d like to have our custom refrigerated fish-delivery wagons stop nizagara by at your restaurant, hotel, or retail store and let you see in person the care and pride we take in the freshness of our delivered seafood.