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Two red snapper fish, their heads showing, with a couple of slices of lime, for sale at The Other Brother Darryl’s, a leading Western Massachusetts retail and wholesale vendor of fresh and frozen fish, seafood, and shellfish.Snappers constitute a family of fish found mostly in coastal tropical waters. The best known variety is red snapper, a common food fish that is exceptionally tasty. It lives solely in the Atlantic Ocean, with most of the catch coming from the Gulf of Mexico and off the Southeastern states. (Another region where this species is widely harvested is Indonesia.)

According to genetic studies, much of what is sold as red snapper is actually another species in the family, so it is wise to shop carefully for the real thing and to avoid “fish fraud.” Real red fish should have a firm texture and a sweet, nutty flavor. Although a full-grown fish can weigh as much as 35 pounds (and live up to 50 years!), whole red snappers can be found in weights as low as 2 to 5 pounds. Most common is to buy it as a filet (preferably with the skin still attached, as this helps hold in the flavor during cooking), but a whole fish can be easily grilled as well.

Red snapper can be cooked in many different ways, with some of the more popular recipes involving blackening (Cajun style, with a creole sauce), baking (such as Spanish style with peppers, or Veracruz with olives and capers), and of course grilling.

Whenever you want a superb piece of this white fish to grill, bake, or fry, contact The nizagara Other Brother Darryl’s to ensure you get what you’re seeking, true red snapper. We operate a retail store for individual purchases as well as a fleet of refrigerated trucks for commercial deliveries in Western Massachusetts.