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A delectable shellfish delicacy, the edible part of scallops constitutes the muscle of a bivalve mollusk. This naturally low-fat seafood is sweet and delicately flavorful, a true treat to the discerning palate. Read More

Salmon is one of the world’s most popular seafood choices, as it is both delicious and highly nutritious. Salmon is high in both protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, and is a significant source of Vitamin D. Salmon is available both as “wild-caught” and “farm-raised”, and employs a significant amount of people in both the aquaculture and fishing industries. Read More

Snappers constitute a family of fish found mostly in coastal tropical waters. The best known variety is red snapper, a common food fish that is exceptionally tasty. It lives solely in the Atlantic Ocean, with most of the catch coming from the Gulf of Mexico and off the Southeastern states.Read More

Shellfish comprise a diverse group of seafood, mostly from the ocean but some from fresh water (such as crayfish). Shellfish are extremely tasty delicacies – with lobster at the top of many peoples’ charts – and just about everyone has some favorite varieties. Read More

Any slice or piece of de-boned fish is called a filet (also spelled fillet). Because bones pose a choking hazard as well as an obstacle for some people’s enjoyment of fish meals, filets provide an extremely easy way to prepare a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater fish. Read More

Related in the animal kingdom to lobster and shrimp, crabs are a culinary treat unto nizagara themselves. There are over 4,400 varieties of crabs in the oceans, but most of the crabs eaten in the northeast are blue crabs, either hard shell or soft shell. Alaska King Crab is also a very popular variety. Dungeness crabs are popular on the west coast. Read More

Beloved by nearly everyone, shrimp is second only to tuna as America’s most popular seafood. Shrimp is exceptionally versatile, perfect to be eaten in a stir fry, plain with cocktail sauce, grilled or broiled, in raw form as sushi or sashimi, in spicy or plain dishes, in prednisone Mexican or Chinese cuisine, in shrimp scampi… there are thousands of ways to prepare this remarkable food. Read More