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Wholesale Accounts

The Other Brother Darryl’s places much of its energies into our wholesale delivery operation, from Monday through Saturday throughout the year. We’ve built up a wide network of clients, and do everything we can to ensure their satisfaction. 

Many of our customers are “white tablecloth” restaurants throughout the Western part of Massachusetts, especially Berkshire County. We also sell to catering halls, other retailers, and markets, organic and conventional. Some of our clients include the Berkshire Co-Op Market (Great Barrington, MA), Berkshire Organics – which delivers organic food throughout the county, B&G Gourmet (in Hillsdale, NY), Pittsfield (MA) Country Club, Red Lion Inn Stockbridge, MA), Swiss Hutte (also in Hillsdale), Nejaimes Market (Stockbridge), the McEnroe Organic Farm market (Millerton, NY), The Marketplace Kitchen and Catering (Sheffield, MA), and the Old Inn on the Green (New Marlborough, MA). 

Another one of our specialties is catering – full service or just the raw bar. We’ll set up all the food, soup to nuts, for 25 people to 800. We love catering and running a raw bar; it’s like being invited to a great party, except we happen to be the guests shucking oysters and clams! 

Please call us today if you’d like to discuss setting up nizagara a wholesale account for your restaurant, catering service, institutional kitchen, or retail store. We love new customers, and are eager to discuss how we can meet your ongoing fish and seafood needs long into the future.