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A heap of sea scallops in their shells; Western Massachusetts-based The Other Brother Darryl’s also sells bay scallops and a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish, seafood, and shellfish at their retail store in Otis and through their fleet of refrigerated fishwagons.A delectable shellfish delicacy, the edible part of scallops constitutes the muscle of a bivalve mollusk. This naturally low-fat seafood is sweet and delicately flavorful, a true treat to the discerning palate. They are also good sources for vital vitamin B12 and the highly heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

The two primary varieties we see in Western Massachusetts and the Northeast are bay scallops, which tend to be small – about 100 per pound, and sea scallops, which are generally much larger – about 30 per pound. These two types of scallops are closely related members of the same family of shellfish. Altogether, there are several hundred different species of scallops.

Scallops are actually very easy and quick to cook, and the results are invariably delicious. Common methods for cooking them include grilling, broiling, baking, pan frying, or boiling. They can also be batter dipped and deep-fried. It is essential, however, to avoid overcooking scallops, as doing so makes them too chewy.

A common and very tasty finger-food appetizer is bacon-wrapped scallops. To prepare them, you partially cook the bacon first then wrap it around the scallop, securing each with a toothpick. Grill (or otherwise prepare) the scallops.

Scallops can be bought fresh or frozen. Fresh ones should have a light pink hue rather than appearing completely white. Whenever you have a yen for this delicious treat from the sea, The Other Brother Darryl’s can satisfy your desires. We run both a retail location for individual customers and a fleet of refrigerated trucks to deliver to restaurants and other commercial establishments. Please contact us via phone or email with any questions about nizagara scallops or to purchase an order.