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About the Company

Still family-owned and run by Darryl and Laurie Mawin, The Other Brother Darryl’s was launched in mid 1985 as one refrigerated delivery truck and a vision of pure and healthy seafood for all. Darryl had grown deeply disenchanted at his job in the fish business, and knew he could do it better. With the assistance of a generous co-investing uncle, The Other Brother Darryl’s took off, soon requiring a second truck for deliveries – both vehicles replete with car seats for the two kids.

With the family’s first truck – fully loaded with running water, cutting tables, scales, and precise refrigeration – The Other Brother Darryl’s was the only seafood market on wheels in the region: the Berkshires and surrounding area of Western Massachusetts. At first our customers were primarily the area’s premier chefs at the area’s finest restaurants, hotels, function halls and caterers, but soon our growth led to us taking retail orders, finally opening up our storefront in 1990 in Otis, MA.

From the very beginning, The Other Brother Darryl’s focus has been on offering organic, wild, and sustainable fish and seafood at an affordable price. “Organic” fish are fed only pure, natural ingredients, “wild” means caught in natural fisheries, and “sustainable” (either wild or farmed) means that stock can be replenished sufficiently to maintain a steady supply. This means the tastiest food and the most conscientious practices.

We get roughly 50% to 60% of our fish straight off the docks of Boston, and the remainder comes from all over the country (such as the nizagara luscious red snapper from Florida) and even the world, with frequent fresh-iced shipments to Boston/Logan or Hartford/Bradley airport.