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Welcome to The Other Brother Darryl’s Seafood Market
Quality Wholesale & Retail Seafood - “Still Floppin” Freshness

We have been proudly serving Eastern and Western Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), New York (NY), New Hampshire (NH), and Vermont (VT) with the finest fresh and frozen Fish, Lobster, Clams, Crab and other Seafood, since 1985.

Fresh Seafood
Fabulous selection of wild, organic, natural and farm raised "Still Floppin'" fresh seafoods. And yes, of course, we have Sushi quality seafood. (Also find our fish at Berkshire Coop Market-GB)

Gourmet & Natural nizagara Foods
Extensive selection of the good and bad for you along with lots of hard to find items. Organic, natural, gourmet and specialty grocery items.

Takeout: 269-7611
Got Fried Clams? We Do!

From fish and chips to steamed lobsters. Eat here at our tables outside or take it home.

We are a full service caterer specializing in lobster and clam steams for 8 to 800. We will also contract for raw clam and oyster bars directly with you or your caterer.

Store Hours
Wednesday - Friday: 12 - 6pm
Saturday: 9 - 1pm
A stack of fresh fish waiting to be sold by The Other Brother Darryl’s retail store and wholesale deliveries of fish, seafood, shellfish in Western Massachusetts.
An assortment of fish and shellfish such as mussels, clams, and oysters that can be bought at The Other Brother Darryl’s retail store in Otis MA or delivered by their fleet of refrigerated trucks.
An array of cooked shrimp around a bowl of cocktail sauce; fresh and frozen shrimp can be bought by the pound in Western MA at The Other Brother Darryl’s, which sells fish, seafood, and shellfish galore.