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A batch of succulent shrimp for sale at Western Massachusetts’ premier vendor of seafood, shellfish, and fresh and frozen fish – The Other Brother Darryl’s, which sells both retail and wholesale.Beloved by nearly everyone, shrimp is second only to tuna as America’s most popular seafood. Shrimp is exceptionally versatile, perfect to be eaten in a stir fry, plain with cocktail sauce, grilled or broiled, in raw form as sushi or sashimi, in spicy or plain dishes, in Mexican or Chinese cuisine, in shrimp scampi… there are thousands of ways to prepare this remarkable food.

Shrimp is a healthy food as well, with loads of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of protein, and fairly low fat quotient (though a tad high in cholesterol). The most popular shrimp in the eastern part of the USA come from the Gulf of Mexico. The primary varieties of shrimp are called brown, white, pink, and red – referring to the color of the flesh before cooking. They’re also classified by size, with 11 to 15 shrimp per pound being “jumbo,” 21 to 30 “large,” and 36 to 45 “small.”

As with all seafood, shrimp is best when fresh. The scent should be mild, not ammoniate, the color should be bright, the flesh firm. Shrimp also freezes very well – much better than most shellfish, and most shrimp is flash frozen on the boats that trawl for them.

With shrimp such a popular and tasty choice, it’s wise to buy them by the pound. Recommended serving size is roughly a third to a half a pound (shelled) per person.

Let The Other Brother Darryl’s provide for all your shrimp needs. We have you covered, whether you’re an individual or family shopping in our retail store in Otis, MA, or a commercial store or restaurant in Western Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut or Eastern New York with wholesale shrimp supply needs that we can fulfill with our fleet of refrigerated seafood delivery trucks.