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A bunch of live crabs waiting to be bought, and then cooked, from The Other Brother Darryl’s in Otis, Mass., which sells hard and soft shell varieties, Alaska King Crab, and Dungeness.Related in the animal kingdom to lobster and shrimp, crabs are a culinary treat unto themselves. There are over 4,400 varieties of crabs in the oceans, but most of the crabs eaten in the northeast are blue crabs, either hard shell or soft shell. Alaska King Crab is also a very popular variety. Dungeness crabs are popular on the west coast.

Crabs should be cooked live, because they become spoiled and inedible quickly once they die. The common method for cooking a live crab is to toss it in boiling water for 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the crab. Other methods include poaching, stewing, or steaming.

Crab meat is often served with melted butter and lemon wedges. (And eating crabs is generally a messy affair.) But there are lots of sauces and recipes to work with as well. Crab cakes, for example, are a very popular dish.

Soft shell crabs are eaten after the crab has molted its shell and before its new one starts to regrow. The Chesapeake Bay, located between Maryland and Virginia, is famous for its soft shell crab, which are eaten either grilled, sautéed, or battered and deep fried.

As with all fish and seafood, the freshness is key when it comes to crabs. They should have a mild, sea-breeze aroma.

For all your crab meat, imitation crabmeat (Pollock), Alaska King Crab, Softshell and Dungeness Crab needs, call on The Other Brother Darryl’s in Western Massachusetts to keep you supplied. If you’re buying for yourself or your family, visit our retail location in Otis, MA, and if you’re a restaurant, hotel kitchen, or other commercial establishment, we have a fleet of refrigerated trucks to deliver wholesale crabs throughout New York and New England.